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Global hospitality education Abroad

Faqs related to hotel management study abroad

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions for Global Hospitality Education Abroad

Q1. What are the various job opportunity in the field of Hotel Management?

A. The hospitality industry is one of the largest industry in the world. A lot of jobs are available at various levels and Hotel Management covers all areas to successfully run a hotel. Beside 5 star hotels there are many job opportunities in related fields like Event management, Eco Tourism etc. The various departments and jobs are:

Food & Beverage:

Restaurant Manager, Banquet Manager, Sommelier, Food & Beverage Management


Cuisine chef, Bakery chef, Pastry chef, Executive chef, Corporate chef

Front Office:

Front office Manager, Room Division Manager


Assistant Housekeeper, Laundry Manager, Horticulture Manager, Executive Housekeeper, Corporate Housekeeper

General management:

Executive Assistant Manager, Sales & Marketing Manager, General Manager, Regional Manager, Country Manager

Q2. What are the courses available abroad in Global Hospitality education?

A. There are Diplomas ranging from 6 months to 1 year. Bachelor degrees range from 3 to 4 years. Master degrees range from 1 to 2 years. For culinary arts, cookery, baking & pastry there are Diplomas and Bachelor degrees.

Q3. Who should study Hotel Management?

A. Students who have completed Class 12 are eligible to study hotel management at the Diploma & Bachelor level. Hotel management is for those who like a challenging job, are good with people, like to travel. Those who are passionate about cooking, baking & pastry should also pursue this line.

Q4. Why should I study Global Hospitality Abroad?

A. Every student has a different reason for doing Global Hospitality Education. Some students go for enhancing their skills/ qualifications with a quality foreign education. Some for the brand value so they can fast track their career. Some so that it can allow them to work in the country after completing their course. Some because certain courses allows permanent residency to live there as well.

Q5. Do I need to know a foreign language to study abroad?

A. Only if you are planning to study in non English speaking countries like Germany, France, Spain or Italy. Otherwise if you are planning to study in USA, study in Australia, study in Canada, study in Singapore, study in New Zealand, study in UK or study in Ireland, all you need is to be proficient in English.

Q6. Are there scholarship that I can get for Global Hospitality education abroad?

A. Yes, some colleges and universities offer part or even full scholarship depending on case to case basis. Check with us.

Q7. What kind of accommodation will I be able to get while studying?

A. There are 3 types of accommodation available. On campus or off campus college hostel, private hostels, shared flat or house with other students, paying guest/ home stay accommodation. The college will assist you with all of the above.

Q8. Can I apply now even though I haven't finished my studies (Class 12 or Bachelors)?

A. Yes, you can apply upto 1 year in advance. You would need to submit your current study details and you can obtain a provisional/ conditional admission offer letter. This will become a full offer when you submit your course completion details. Early admissions give you time to organize your mandatory exam like IELTS/SAT/GMAT etc. It also allows you to get your documentation, finances, passport, visa requirements etc in order by the time you complete your Class 12 or Bachelors.

Q9. How do I apply to study Global Hospitality education abroad?

A. You can contact us by phone or email or make an appointment to meet with Mr Kapil Chandok. After that we will short list courses & colleges and apply for your admission as per your requirement, profile & budget.

Q10. Can I work part time while studying abroad?

A. Some countries allow you to work part time while studying. Some countries allow you to take up teaching assistance ships and internships. Payment can be on hourly basis or as a fixed stipend. Check with us for the part time work details for different countries.

Q11. After graduating, Can I stay back and work in the country where I am studying?

A. Mr Kapil Chandok is a strong advocate of working for at least a year in the country from where you complete your studies. This allows you to put into practice the skills that you have learnt there – be it a Diploma, a Degree or a Masters. Some countries allow you to stay back & work for periods ranging from 1 to 3 years. Check with us.

Q12. What should I pack?

A. We will provide you with a detailed list of things that you need to carry with you. It covers clothes & essential items etc that you must carry with you.

Q13. How much luggage can I take with me on my flight?

A. Normal luggage allowance is 20kgs per passenger. But most airlines allow you an extra baggage allowance ranging from 10 to 20kgs if you are travelling on a student visa on a 1 way ticket. Check with us for the current extra baggage.

Q14. Who will receive we at the airport?

A. Global Hospitality Education Abroad will organize for the college to pick you up from the airport on arrival. Flight details have to be sent to the college before your arrival. Most colleges provide free airport pickups for their international students.

Q15. Who will arrange my accommodation when I arrive at college?

A. Global Hospitality Education Abroad will arrange for your accommodation through the college. This could be permanent or temporary (for a week if you are looking at sharing flat/ house with class mates) as per your requirement. Not to worry, we take care.

Q16. Do I need an education consultant to apply for a course in Global Hospitality education abroad?

A. Yes, you need to have a proper guide and genuine support to help you with choosing the right course, right country & right college. The student visa process is also complicated and an error can result in missing a semester or even risk a refusal. Global Hospitality Education Abroad will assist you at every step and help you do your dream course from abroad.

Q17. Can I get an education loan?

A. Yes, every student can apply for an education loan. Banks and private companies give up to 90% funding for education abroad by meeting their criteria. The interest rate for education loans is lower. The repayments generally start 6 months after completion of the course. We will give you all the details.

Q18. Foreign education is very expensive?

A. Yes, foreign education is expensive than local education but there are some affordable options available as well. Bank loans can be taken to meet the cost of study abroad. Some countries allow part time work while studying and some even post study work permits. This allows you to recover your expense and investment.

Q19. There is a recession abroad. Will I get jobs abroad?

A. A few countries are having an economic slowdown but there are always job opportunities for good workers with a quality qualification from that country. We will guide you further.

Q20. To do a Culinary, Cookery, Bakery or Pastry course I need to have a Diploma or Bachelor in Hotel Management?

A. No, to do a Culinary or Pastry course from abroad you do not need any prior qualification but if you have one it will help you get a higher position and better paid job later. You need to be passionate and have a strong drive to cook, bake and create. I am looking for students with the right aptitude to do this course. Check with Mr Chandok to see if you have what it takes to be a Chef!